December 2012 | Kwinana Recreation Centre, (Indoor aquatic centre and indoor basketball stadium) – Kwinana, WA

Dolphin Lighting provided a full product and installation solution to upgrade both the indoor aquatic centre and indoor basketball stadium.

Formal lighting design plans were drawn up to ensure all areas lighting levels were improved in line with Australian Standards, whilst achieving significant energy savings.

Products Utilised

Basketball Stadium

  • 130W LED Hi-Bays – replacing both 250W and 400W Metal Halide hi-bays
  • 250W LED Hi-Bays – replacing 400W Metal Halide Hi-Bays

Requatic Centre

  • 40W LED Floodlights – replaced 400W Mercury Vapour floods
  • 100W LED Floodlights – replaced 400W Mercury Vapour floods
  • 250W LED Floodlights – replaced 1,000W Metal Halide floods
  • 55W 10” Round LED Commercial Downlights – replaced 150W Metal Halide downlights

Project Results

Basketball Stadium

Energy savings of ~55%
Considerable lux gains have been achieved to an average of 350 lux
More natural daylight colour and consistent light levels across the courts

Requatic Centre

Achieved ~75% energy savings
Lux levels have been considerably improved in all areas
Upgrade has provided a more modern appearance, uniform lighting and customer satisfaction

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