September 2012 | Hertz Truck Workshop and Administration Office – Welshpool, WA

Dolphin Lighting provided a complete supply and installation package to upgrade Hertz workshop and administration offices. The upgrade in lighting achieved ~68% energy reductions, however when coupled with a solar panel installation, Hertz dramatically reduced its energy costs and carbon footprint at the site.

Products Utilised


  • 4ft 18W LED Tubes, Cool White 4000k – replaced 36W Fluorescent tubes
  • 5.5W LED Bulbs – replaced 28W CFL bulbs


  • 100W LED Floodlights – replaced 400W Metal Halide floods
  • 130W LED Hi-Bays – replaced 400W Metal Halide hi-bays

Project Results

Light levels in excess of 300 Lux
High Colour Rendition >80% for detail inspection work
Energy savings of more than 50% compared to traditional lighting
Long maintenance-free lifetime

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